Esports Charts: COVID-19 pandemic has not affected views of CS:GO tournaments

The coronavirus pandemic, which began in 2020, has not affected the number of viewers on the CS:GO championships' streams. This is what analysts from Esports Chart concluded after studying statistical data over the past three years.

The authors of the study note that during the pandemic, the most successful period in terms of views was the second quarter of 2020 (April-July). During this period, viewers spent a total of 125.43 million hours watching broadcasts, which is 30% more than that in 2019 (88.83 million hours).

CS:GO tournaments number of hours watched by quarter in 2019-2021.

It is noteworthy that the top 10 most popular tournaments over the past three years include eight events, which were held during the pandemic. The eleventh season of ESL Pro League was the most viewed of them (219 million hours). The leading places in this rating belong to the last two majors, which took place in Berlin and Katowice.

Most viewed tournaments from 2019 to 2021.

Also, Esports Chart analysts drew attention to the fact that earlier championships with more than 400 thousand people watching simultaneously were extremely rare, while now almost every tier-1 event reaches this mark. At the same time, it is noted that during the pandemic, no new peak online records were set.