nexa: G2 are struggling to play with an AWPer because the Kovač brothers take up a lot of space

Nemanja "nexa" Isaković, the in-game leader of G2, believes that the presence of two star players Nikola "NiKo" Kovač and Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač makes it difficult for the team's AWPer to act. He opened up about this in an interview with

The way our team is structured and any team is structured is that you have two players that you play around and the other guys are the side characters, just supporting and doing their job. For us, it's very difficult to play around the AWPer since we already have the two Kovač guys and we try to play around them and give them the most space.

Isaković added that in the future, the existing team's structure may change so that the AWPer François "AmaNEk⁠" Delaunay could act more actively.

As you know from before, our track record with the AWP has not been the greatest. Once we got AmaNEk, he understands the role, but he plays it more as a support player, which I think is of his own choice because he doesn't yet feel comfortable being a star AWPer making all of the crazy plays and doing what you see s1mple or ZywOo do. He's not there yet, but I know he's working hard and I've seen glimpses of what he's capable of doing and we're trying to go in a direction in which we give him space to shine more and have more responsibility.

As we progress, I'd personally like to give AmaNEk more space and have him be our star AWPer if he's up to the task, but it's something we'll see with time. Then again, it's also not only my choice, me and maLeK have to make these decisions together and see what the best course of action for the team and the future is. But all of the other teams around us [in the ranking] have a top-tier AWPer who is really carrying games by himself a lot of the times, which is something we've been missing for quite some time.

Let us add that the upcoming matches for G2 will be at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021, where from 20 to 22 September the team will compete in Group B. MIBR will be the first opponent of the Europeans in the tournament. The match against the Brazilian squad is scheduled for today, September 20, at 17:30 MSK.