cadiaN: "I have never felt such cohesion of the roster before"

Casper "cadiaN" Moller, the in-game leader of Heroic, noted the high team spirit of his team during a press conference dedicated to the start of the ESL Pro League Season 14 playoffs. According to the Dane, this attitude allows the team to set the highest possible goals, without paying attention to existing problems.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

We are a close-knit group of players who try to help each other and overcome difficulties together. The same applies to all people surrounding the team. We played great in the group stage and I hope we will be able to continue our successful run in the playoffs.

We focus on keeping the individual shape of each player at the highest possible level. This often allows you not to pay too much attention to strats. In general, the morale in the team is pretty good. I have never felt such cohesion of the roster before. This makes it possible to set big goals and achieve them.

Let us add that for Heroic the ESL Pro League Season 14 playoffs will begin tomorrow, September 9, from the quarterfinals. The Danish squad will face the best team of the fnatic - Liquid matchup.