es3tag: "Complexity won't play like a FACEIT stack in the ESL Pro League S14 playoffs"

Patrick "es3tag" Hansen from Complexity is positive that his team has what it takes to show a better level of play in the decisive stage of ESL Pro League Season 14, compared to that in the group stage. During a press conference before the playoffs, the Dane assured that in the time remaining before the resumption of the tournament, the squad will do the necessary corrections.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

Complexity won't play like a FACEIT stack in the ESL Pro League S14 playoffs. I hope our actions will be more structured. We've got the time for additional training. I look forward to showing what we are capable of.

Answering a follow-up question about reaching the decisive stage of the tournament from a journalist, Hansen called the individual level of separate players the key to the team's partial success.

It's hard to say what helped us advance to the playoffs. I think that some players stood out for their individual level of play. Also, our plan for specific matches helped us get through to the decisive stage. It helped us not to think a lot about what we were doing, and focus more on countering the opponent instead.

es3tag also shared his expectations from the encounter with Vitality in the first playoff round of ESL Pro League Season 14. The Dane believes that the Frenchmen are not the most suitable opponents for his team.

It's always challenging to play against Vitality. From my own experience, I can say that this team either has four players at once shining in a separate match, or ZywOo puts on his own show. It is clear that when ZywOo is at his best, it is very difficult to oppose him. Besides, from the point of view of team play, it is clear that they always have a coherent action plan. I am sure that we will have a tough match. Meeting with Vitality is one of the most difficult draw options. If my team has a good day and some guys stand out individually, Complexity can go further. It is also necessary that ZywOo does not end up with 40 frags.

It should be added that the Complexity – Vitality match will take place tomorrow, September 7, at 20:15 MSK. The winner will face Gambit in the quarterfinals of the tournament.