apEX: "Currently, s1mple is the best in the world, and ZywOo knows it"

Vitality in-game leader Dan "apEX" Madesclaire shared his opinion on the current shape of his teammate Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut during a press conference before the start of the ESL Pro League Season 14 playoffs. According to the Frenchman, the AWPer of his team is still a great player, but now lags behind the individual level of NAVI leader Alexandr "s1mple" Kostyliev.

Madesclaire also noted the success of ZywOo in the group stage of ESL Pro League Season 14, which Herbaut finished with the best rating among all the participants. apEX believes that the MVP medal will be more valuable to the AWPer of Vitality after the end of the tournament.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

In the first half of the season, s1mple showed an insane level of play. Currently, he is the best in the world, and ZywOo knows it. There is nothing bad about it. I don’t think that Mathieu has done something special at this event. He did well, but it’s a usual thing. For the majority of people such a performance seems unbelievable, but after three years of playing together it’s not unusual at all. I want more from him in different aspects of the game. For example, in communication. But he still helps the team a lot and will be a beast in the future. Being the best player in the group stage is important, but the MVP medal will be even better.

Madesclaire stated that Vitality is ready to face anyone in the decisive stage of ESL Pro League Season 14. In addition, he outlined NAVI as the most difficult out of all the potential opponents.

We don’t care who to play against in the playoffs. I’m confident about my team and I know how we can do and how much work has been put into getting back in a good shape after the summer break. NAVI, who we haven’t faced yet, is probably the strongest opponent of all possible. I don’t fear anyone else. Even Gambit, who have been showing stunning results for the past six months.

Let us recall that Vitality will start off the ESL Pro League Season 14 playoffs tomorrow, September 7, at 20:15 MSK. The French squad will go up against Complexity in the Round of 12.

Origin: csgo.ru