mouz NXT's AWPer: "I think compared to the other teams in the league we have a lot more experience"

mouz NXT consist of players with tier-3 and tier-4 background, which advantageously distinguishes this team from other academies, the youth mousesports squad AWPer Adam "torzsi" Torzsás believes (the second one from the left on the photo). In an interview with, the 19-year-old Hungarian noted that his organization, unlike other clubs, is focused on developing individual qualities of separate players.

Like you said earlier, mouz has a focus on raw talent and I think compared to the other teams in the league we have a lot more experience. Also, we are playing and practicing a lot, our goal is to be improving faster than the other teams and I think we are doing well.

Our roster, except for xertioN, has had experience on teams in Tier 3-4 for a long time. The two Polish guys with Izako Boars, myself with Budapest Five and JDC in a lot of German leagues. So we're a bit more experienced and know a bit more about CS.

According to torzsi, now he is not the main star of mouz NXT, the strategies of which were only built around him.

In Budapest Five I knew the team was built around me and I had a lot of impact, but now it’s not just on me. We have five great players who are also giving their best and I am still learning to deal with it. Sometimes when I am not top-fragging I get a little nervous [laughs].

We recall that mouz NXT are currently playing at the LAN-finals of WePlay Academy Season 1 in Kiev. The European roster won the online part of the tournament, and started off the offline one with a victory over BIG Academy.

At the time of publication of the material, the match of mouz NXT against Young Ninjas in the final of the upper bracket continues. The winner got a place in the grand final of the tournament.