FURIA coach: "We are looking for a fifth player, but the prices on the transfer market are unreasonably high"

The FURIA coach Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira addressed the fans on his Twitter account to explain a recent change in the roster, where the youth squad player André "drop" Aubreu replaced Lucas "honda" Cano. According to the specialist, whose words have been quoted by Globo Esporte, the club wants to sign a fifth player, but the search of a newcomer is complicated by inflated prices on the transfer market.

Earlier, FURIA announced that drop got the place in the main roster on a temporary basis. The organization will try to make a full-fledged member of the five out of the 17-year-old esports athlete, but at the same time will not stop looking for strengthening options.

We are looking for a fifth player, holding negotiations, but the prices on the transfer market are unreasonably high. It is pointless for us to invest a ton of money in strengthening since the prices for players are way above the market level.

Mid-year is always a tough time for buying a new player. The main tournament of the season is coming soon, that is why many teams do not want to lose RMR-points and their chances of making it to the major.

Nogueira also shed some light on honda’s future. The excluded from the main roster player will continue his career in FURIA Academy, where he will be getting the necessary experience.

He came to us at the beginning of the year, not knowing how to be a sixth player. Subsequently, he had an opportunity to join the main roster, which he took full advantage of. I really like honda, but at the same time I want him to go back to Brazil to gain more experience and catch up in the academy.

It should be reminded that the next matches for the Brazilian team will take place in group D at ESL Pro League Season 14, where from September 1 to 5 the team will face Entropiq, Gambit, NIP, Liquid, and TeamOne. At this point, it remains unknown whether drop will be able to play in the tournament because he was included in the squad list after the deadline. If ESL does not approve the change, FURIA will play with the coach.

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