magixx on an unsuccessful start at EPL S14: "We were crushed by the number of mistakes made"

Team Spirit player Boris "magixx" Vorobiev had some words to say on his team’s unsuccessful start in the current ESL Pro League Season 14 tournament. In an interview with Maincast, the Russian noted that lots of roster’s mistakes were the reason for the series of defeats, despite an early preparation for the competitive season.

We started playing since the third or fourth (August), before anyone else. And we played a lot. But something went wrong and we lost against Astralis, Heroic, and ENCE. There were a lot of mistakes; their number just crushed us, and that is why we lost. <...> We totally deserved it. We messed up. A lot. That’s why we lost those matches. It is quite obvious.

Team Spirit is the second lowest team in Group A at EPL S14 after four rounds played, yet has a chance of making it to the top-3, which secures a spot in the playoffs. In the final match of the group stage "dragons" would have to win Vitality 2-0, hoping for the positive outcome of other matches in the group.