Swedish authorities allowed PGL Major Stockholm 2021 participants to enter the country

Swedish authorities included esports in the elite category of sports, which allows all esport players, including PGL Major Stockholm 2021 participants, to come to the country. This was announced by the Swedish Minister of the Interior, whose words are quoted by the SportExpressen.

In addition to a visa, players, coaches, and other team representatives will need to show a negative coronavirus test to visit Sweden.

Nonetheless, the situation with holding the major in previously set terms (from October 23 to November 7) remains uncertain. PGL has notified the country's authorities of the need to allow fans on the stands of Avicii Arena. According to the organizers, the tournament will otherwise be moved to another European city.

It is expected that the final decision on whether to let the audience in the arena or not will be made on September 15. Ticket sales for PGL Major Stockholm 2021 begin on September 16, regardless of the prestigious championship location.

Origin: www.expressen.se