Malta Vibes Knockout Series 1 invited teams revealed

Tournament operator Eden Esports announced the list of participants in the Malta Vibes Knockout Series 1. Forty teams will take part in the first event of the series, including nine representatives of the CIS: K23, VP.Prodigy, Nemiga, Spirit Academy, 1WIN, EC Kyiv, 100PG, forZe and Entropiq.

The brand new format of Malta Vibes ensures the highest level of competitiveness between the teams, with only one chance in this tournament. The fight for first place and for survival is at its peak for these CS:GO teams.

There are some real highlight teams taking part in this event, including the likes of O PLANO who are back in Europe for the start of the new season. In terms of the European teams, there’s plenty of high-caliber teams involved. Teams such as Endpoint, Sprout, and more will be taking to the server.

The tournament will be held from August 16-26 in play-off Single Elimination format with BO3 matches. Thirty-six teams will start in the first round and eight more, including forZe and Entropiq, will compete for the title starting from the third round.

The prize money for the Malta Vibes Knockout Series 1 is $50,000 which is split between all the teams for their wins from Round 3 onwards, with the champion receiving $16,000.

Full list of Malta Vibes Knockout Series 1 competitors: