forZe replaces Renegades at ESL Pro League Season 14

Team forZe will take the place of Renegades among the participants of the fourteenth season of ESL Pro League. The reason for the replacement was the inability of the Australians to fly to Europe due to the restrictions imposed by the authorities of the Pacific country against the background of the coronavirus pandemic.

ForZe received an invitation to the prestigious tournament based on the ESL rankings, as they are the best team among those who did not have a slot in the championship. In the current version of ESL World Rankings Renegades is in 19th place, and forZe is in 20th place.

Andrei "Jerry" Mehryakov's team will play in Group B. From August 21 to 26, the opponents of the team from the CIS will be G2,, Complexity, OG, and Sinners.