Analysts discovered average CS:GO flash blind duration on all ranks

The analytics service Leetify published the results of a study on the effectiveness of flashbangs at various ranks in CS:GO matchmaking, the competitive platform FACEIT, and the professional scene. A total of 5 million matches data was used.

It turned out that, on average, amateur players flash their opponents for a period of 2.27 to 2.68 seconds, depending on the rank. A similar figure for eSports athletes is 3.02 seconds.

Flash Blind Duration displays how long, on average, enemies stay blind whilst affected by your flashbang. This is an indication of how efficient you are at blinding a target with a flashbang! (Note: Only includes the longest blind duration caused by any single flashbang)

To Calculate Flash Blind Duration the service looked at every flashbang that blinded any enemies for at least 1.1 seconds, and take the longest time any enemy was flashed for by that flashbang. We then take the average of all of those times!