Alex and Mezii joined Fnatic CS:GO

Fnatic announced the signing of Alex "ALEX" McMeekin and William "mezii" Merryman, confirming the information previously reported by insiders. A press release was published on the club's official site.

The British newcomers took the place of the departed Maikil "Golden" Selim and Jesper "JW" Wecksell. This makes the fnatic roster international for the first time since 2013.

Commenting on the decision, team coach Andreas "Samuelsson" Samuelsson noted that the international roster gives the organization more options for future development.

After the first careful consideration, we decided that our best way forward would be to adopt an international lineup to ensure our purpose and vision would best be met. We have a huge amount of respect and admiration for the Swedish CS:GO scene, however, we felt an international lineup would provide us with many more options and greater flexibility for the future. Our first challenge following that decision was to find an experienced and dedicated IGL who shared our vision on how best to succeed in a modern CS era.

Following that search, I’m very pleased to announce that we have signed Alex, who we feel fits perfectly into that role within the new international structure. Alex is highly skilled, has a vast amount of experience, and is renowned for his professional IGL approach.

To build on that, we also wanted to fulfill the role of the hungry up-and-coming player who shared our drive and ambition.At this point we’d been following William for a long period of and we felt that he has everything it takes to become one of the best rifle players in the game. Not only do we feel that William is extremely very versatile, but paired with great communication skills and being regarded as a proficient teammate, we feel he has huge potential.

This is a structure that we have been developing across the past 2 years. It is built upon a foundation that is designed to ensure that the players are feeling strong both mentally, physically, and in-game; leading to great performances. We believe we can achieve this through the right players, the right support team, and the right mental and physical individual programs which are all backed by extensive data. Overall leading to the perfect balance between tournaments, practice, hard work, and recovery.