HUNDEN quits Heroic after his contract expires

Heroic coach Nikolai "HUNDEN" Petersen in his Twitter announced his intention to end cooperation with the Danish organization after the expiration of his current contract. The 30-year-old specialist did not name a specific date.

According to Petersen, Heroic was interested in extending the current agreement, but he decided to start a new chapter in his career. Notably, earlier in July, there were rumors that he was being considered for the Astralis head coach position, which Danny "zonic" Sorensen will leave at the end of the year.

Heroic signed HUNDEN in April 2020. With him at the head, the team became the European champion of ESL One Cologne 2020, as well as a top-4 competitor at cs_summit 6, DreamHack Open Summer 2020,res and DreamHack Masters Spring 2021.