Participants of CBCS Elite League Season 2 are set

The group stage of the South American RMR-tournament CBCS Elite League Season 2 is over. Eight teams have advanced to the playoffs: MIBR, Paqueta, Havan Liberty, Sharks, SWS, Bravos, DETONA, and KG Network, according to its results.

The top two spots went to MIBR and Paqueta, who finished the Swiss system with three straight wins. Havan Liberty, Sharks, and SWS made the playoffs 3-1, while Bravos, DETONA, and KG Network finished in 6th-8th place, losing two games each.

Group stage results

Playoffs bracket:

CBCS Elite League Season 2 started July 21 and is the second RMR tournament for South America this season. The playoff stage, which runs from Aug. 5-9, will feature eight participants for 7,250 RMR points.