ESL Pro League Season 14 seeding revealed

ESL Pro League Season 14 organizers have published the seeding of teams in the group stage. The prestigious championship with a prize fund of $750,000 will run online from August 16 to September 12.

The 24 participants are split into four groups, which will be played in a Round-robin BO1 format. Group winners will qualify for the Play-In stage, where they will be starting from the quarterfinals and semifinals. The second and third teams in their groups will receive a slot in the 1/8 finals.

The tournament playoffs will be in a Single Elimination format with BO3 matches and BO5 grand final. The champion will receive $175,000 of the total prize pool.

Seeding of teams in the ESL Pro League S14 group stage:

Group A

  •  Heroic
  •  Astralis
  •  Vitality
  •  Team Spirit
  •  ENCE
  •  Bad News Bears

Group B

  •  G2
  •  Complexity
  •  OG
  •  Renegades
  •  Sinners

Group C

  •  NAVI
  •  FaZe
  •  BIG
  •  mousesports
  •  Evil Geniuses
  •  fnatic

Group D

  •  Gambit
  •  NIP
  •  FURIA
  •  Liquid
  •  Entropiq
  •  TeamOne

ESL Pro League S14 group stage calendar:

Group A - August 16-20
Group B - August 21-26
Group C - August 27-31
Group D - September 1-5