HLTV.org's squad of IEM Colonge 2021 consists of CIS players only

Portal HLTV.org announced the symbolic team of the IEM Cologne 2021, which ended yesterday with the crushing win by Natus Vincere. The named five players included representatives of CIS teams - NAVI, Gambit and Virtus.pro.

NAVI sniper Alexander "s1mple" Kostylyev was declared the star of the tournament. He scored 1.51 and received the MVP award. His teammates Valery "B1T" Vakhovsky and Ilya "Perfect"o Zalutsky were awarded the titles of Headshot Master and Best Supporter respectively.

The other two spots on the squad were taken by Virtus.pro sniper Jami "Jame" Ali, the most successful AWP player, and Gambit captain Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov as the most successful entry fragger.

Origin: twitter.com