NAVI took the lead in the Intel Grand Slam S3 race after IEM Cologne 2021 triumph

NAVI's lineup has overtaken all competitors in the third season of the Intel Grand Slam competition, the winner of which will receive a million dollar cash prize. The team's victory at IEM Cologne 2021 was its third in the standings, while Gambit, which is the closest competitor of Born to Win, has only two champion titles under its belt.

In order to receive the prestigious award, NAVI must win ESL Pro League Season 14, which begins immediately after the end of the summer break on the professional stage, or one of the next three IGS series events. Gambit has one more spare tournament, while Heroic and Astralis, who have one victory each, have six and four more chances, respectively, have to win three titles.

Notably, after IEM Cologne 2021, mousesports dropped out of the race, while Asralis lost one scoring win.

The current position of the teams in the race for Intel Grand Slam Season 3:

  •  NAVI – 3 победы, 3 турнира в запасе
  •  Gambit – 2 победы, 5 турниров в запасе
  •  Heroic – 1 победа, 6 турниров в запасе
  •  Astralis – 1 победа, 4 турнира в запасе

We should add that any team that beats NAVI in the grand finals of IGS tournaments, thus delaying the "born to win" award, will receive a bonus of $100k.