IEM Cologne 2021 Grand Final gathered more than 800 thousand spectators at peak

The most popular match of IEM Cologne 2021 was the confrontation between NAVI and G2, which took place in the grand final. According to the statistics service Esports Charts, 843,369 viewers watched the game at peak.

On average, 235,351 people watched the broadcasts of the first LAN event in a year and a half on all platforms except Chinese streaming platforms. The English-language stream peaked at 351,000 viewers, while the Russian-language stream reached 263,000 viewers.

Top 5 most popular IEM Cologne 2021 matches:

  1.  NAVI –  G2, Final (843,369 viewers)
  2.  G2 –  Astralis, Semifinal(541,632 viewers)
  3.  FaZe –  NAVI, Semifinal (505,163 viewers)
  4.  G2 –  Gambit, Group A (368,755 viewers)
  5.  Astralis –, Quaterfinal (343,050 viewers)

IEM Cologne 2021 with a total prize pool of $ 1 million was held from 6 to 18 July and ended with the victory of NAVI.