Winstrike and bondik came up to an agreement regarding unfullfilled terms

Team ONYX player Vladislav "bondik" Nechiporchuk in his Twitter reported the resolution of the conflict with the organization Winstrike, which a month ago he accused of unfulfilled financial obligations for the period of cooperation in 2019-2020. According to the Ukrainian eSports athlete, both sides were satisfied with the result.

Going back to Winstrike, to my surprise, we closed all the issues, both sides were satisfied. Perhaps the change of people in the organization went well. I became convinced that the problems, including mine with Winstrike, are a matter of individuals' wishes. Bottom line... we resolved all our issues and I am glad that Winstrike is continuing to work to combat the problems, rather than trying to forget them.

Recall that on June 13, bondik said he's ready to sue Winstrike, if the issue of unfulfilled obligations will not be resolved within the next month.

Winstrike is currently not represented on the professional CS:GO scene. In March of this year, the team under the leadership of coach Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov ended cooperation unilaterally, accusing the organization of systematic violations of contractual