ESEA representative commented Akuma's triumph at ESEA Season 37

ESL sees no obstacles preventing Akuma's participation in ESEA Premier Season 38, a representative of the tournament operator ApolloSC commented the Reddit post. According to him, the organizers do not have any evidence of fraud on the part of the Ukrainian team, which could lead to disqualification.

To shed some light on the topic from the ESL perspective. Firstly, as you can imagine, we are in constant communication with ESIC to protect the integrity of our competitions and help in all their investigations. Secondly and specific to Akuma, we have not received any further evidence that would indicate Akuma should be disqualified from our ESEA league structure.

When it comes to protecting our competitions, we have confidence in the number of steps we have in place to prevent abuse. We’ll continue to work with ESIC and will update when more information is known.

ESIC previously recommended that tournament operators refrain from inviting Team Akuma to their events until the official investigation into suspicious betting on the Ukrainian squad's matches in EPIC League CIS 2021 is complete. It was reported that ESIC passed all collected evidence to Valve for further investigation.