DreamHack Open June 2021 North America playoffs is set

The group stage of the North American part of the DreamHack Open June 2021 is over, with Party Astronauts, O PLANO, paiN, and Extra Salt earning a playoffs spot. The final stage of the tournament will take place July 2-3.

Party Astronauts and paiN took the top two spots in Group A, and in Group B Extra Salt and O PLANO have beaten GODSENT and Triumph for playoffs slots.

Final group stage tables:

The tournament playoffs will be played in a Single Elimination format. The semifinals will be played to two wins, while the grand finals will be played in the BO5 series.

Playoffs seeding:

The North American portion of the DreamHack Open June 2021 takes place from June 29 through July 3. Teams draw a $70,000 prize pool, with the winner receiving $35,000.