StarLadder CIS RMR 2021: viewer's guide

StarLadder CIS RMR 2021 will take place online from June 27 to July 4 and acts as the second RMR tournament of the season for the CIS. Ten teams will take part in the regional championship with a prize fund of $100,000 and 8,750 RMR points total.

Participants are divided into two groups, where they will play in a Round-robin format. The top two teams from each quintet will play in the Double Elimination playoffs. All matches except the grand final will be played in BO3 format, while the clash for the title will be played to three wins with one map advantage for the top bracket finalist.

StarLadder CIS RMR 2021 group stage seeding:

Group A


Group B

 Team Spirit

Prize fund distribution:

1. $40,000 + 2000 RMR points
2. $15,000 + 1875 RMR points
3. $12,000 + 1750 RMR points
4. $10,000 + 1625 RMR points
5. $7,000 + 1500 RMR points
6. $5,000
7-8. $3,000
9-10. $2,5,000