Global Elite players require around 7 shots to kill an enemy

Players with the Silver rank require an average of 14 to 16 shots to kill an opponent, while the same indicator of the Global Elite is half as less. This conclusion was reached by the analytics service GGPredict after analyzing more than half a million matches from matchmaking and the FACEIT platform.

Notably, FACEIT users have better shooting skills even at the lowest levels than matchmaking players: at levels 1-4 it takes an average of 10-12 shots to kill, at levels 5-8 it takes up to 9 shots, and at levels 9-10 it takes less than 8 shots.

GGPredict also published statistics on the ratio of shots fired per kill made in a match. It turns out that high ranks in matchmaking and levels 9-10 on FACEIT take an average of 21-22 shots per kill, mid-level players take up to 25 shots, and "silver" players take about 26 shots.