ESIC remove ToH1o⁠'s spectator bug ban

ESIC has lifted up the ban of former Windigo and SMASH coach Anton "ToH1o" Georgiev for spectator mode abuse, for which he was banned for 10 months in September 2020. This is reported on the Commission's official website.

The Appeals Panel of the Esports Integrity Commission rules that:

  • In the circumstances of this case, and under article C.10 of the Appeal Procedure Code “The Appeal Panel shall then have the power to: Exercise any power of sanction which the Integrity Commissioner could have exercised, whether the effect is to increase or decrease any penalty, award, order or sanction originally imposed.”, the Panel herein annuls the first-instance decision issued by ESIC and declares fully upheld the the appeal.
  • As a result thereof, the Appellant is immediately free to resume his coaching duties within the esports sector.
  • With regards to the appeal deposit, no relief shall be ordered as it was subject to a financial assistance agreement between the Parties.
  • As for the costs, and pursuant to article D.1 of the Appeal Procedure Code, the Panel has full discretion to order what proportion of their costs, which are comprised of the fees (and any legitimate expenses) of each Panel member, each party shall be liable for.
  • Considering the specific circumstances of this case, the Panel orders that  the costs of this appeal procedure shall be borne entirely by ESIC.

The Bulgarian specialist secured the revocation of the ban through an appeal, proving that he did not use the bug of his own free will. He was accused of two cases of a spectator's bug abuse back in 2017: 1 round against hASSeLsNOk and 30 rounds against Tricked.

"I would like to thank ESIC for their understanding and for providing me the chance to appeal and to provide a big amount of evidence regarding my case," the 31-year-old specialist stated. "It took six months, but I clearly understand ESIC and their tight schedule dealing with the cheaters out there!"

"I am really happy and it took me soo long, but now I am free! I'm ready to start working again and I will be looking to get back in the coaching role again with any roster and any region out there! I didn't leave the scene, I was closely spectating it, so I am up to date! Also, I have a USA visa and am open to relocate for new projects," the coach went on to share.

ToH1o became the second unbanned coach out of 37 specialists who were punished for using the surveillance mode bug. The first was Sergei "lmbt" Bezhanov, who has managed to prove his innocence as well.