m1cks steps in as Nordavind head coach

Nordavind announced a new addition to their lineup on the official Twitter of the organization. They are changing their former head coach Dennis "⁠Rytter⁠" Rytter for the former Cloud9 assistant coach and analyst Joshua "⁠m1cks⁠" Micks overtaking his duties.

This is the first serious position for a North American specialist, who has only been the analyst for such teams as Bravado, eUnited, and Rogue in his background.

“I’m excited to join Nordavind and to be stepping into the head coach role for the first time," m1cks commented on joining the new team. "I look forward to continuing my progress as a coach and hope to bring this team to new heights it hasn’t yet seen.

"I’ll hopefully be spending more time in Europe in the coming months to work closely with the team and organization from EU, in order to make the most of the opportunity I've been given.”