Gambit sweep EG, are facing G2 in the semifinals of IEM Summer 2021

Current top-1 of rankings Gambit have brushed off Evil Geniuses in the IEM Summer 2021 quarterfinals 16:10 on Dust2 and 16:11 on Overpass. The victory allows the CIS team to advance to the semifinals of the event, where they will face G2 who are desperately hungry for the title with their current lineup.

They surprised us," Hobbit commented in the post-match interview regarding EG’s Overpass pick, which is known to be one of Gambit’s stronger maps. "We prepared Inferno, we thought it was going to be Inferno, but they just picked Overpass and that was a mistake by them."

The matchup between the scary Russian team and the Europeans will take tomorrow, right after the first semifinal of the day.

Current playoffs bracket: