fnatic & Imperial eliminated at IEM Summer 2021

fnatic and Imperial are the first teams to finish their performance at the IEM Summer 2021 tournament. In the first round of the lower bracket of Group B, the Swedes lost to NIP in a pretty close rivalry (10-16 on Ancient, 16-8 on Overpass, and 13-16 on Inferno) and the Brazilian team was absolutely demolished by Team Spirit (4-16 on Mirage and 3-16 on Dust2).

Today, June 4, NIP and Team Spirit receive their opponents in the second round of the lower bracket. Hampus Poser's squad will face the loser of the Heroic vs Evil Geniuses match, and Leonid "chopper" Vishnyakov's squad will face the worst team of the Virtus.pro vs OG pair.

Current Group B bracket: