Gambit will face the winner of VP and Akuma in the grand finals at EPIC League CIS 2021

Starting the play day at EPIC League CIS 2021 Team advanced to the consolidation final by beating Team Spirit. The Bears' lineup was stronger than the Dragons' squad  2-1 on maps with a score of 16-12 on Inferno, 5-16 on Dust2, and 16-7 on Overpass. Leonid "chopper" Vishniakov's squad finished their performance in the current RMR Tournament for CIS in the top 4, earning 1,300 points.

In the next match of the day Gambit have reminded the audience why they are considered one of the best teams in the world smashing their opponents. Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov's team defeated Akuma 2-0 on maps 16-5 on Mirage and 16-8 on Overpass.

Current playoffs bracket:

The full schedule, current results, and live streams of EPIC League CIS 2021 are available on the tournament page on our website.