SENSEi commented on accusations of unfair play

Akuma sniper Dmitry "SENSEi" Shvorak responded to accusations of cheating, which were expressed towards his team by several players and other members of the professional CS:GO community. In particular, the Ukrainian said that the suspicious glances at the radar during the game, which many have noticed, occur to him unknowingly.

Also, according to SENSEi, Akuma players have asked the organizers of EPIC League CIS 2021 to conduct a check on potential fraud and expressed their willingness to help investigate.

Yesterday we were preparing for the Gambit match tightly, so it was not up to Twitter, of course, I can't help but express my opinion on the rumors, towards me and my team in general.
If you do not know me, it does not mean that I and my team got here by chance, our core lineup has been training together hard for many years and we have always been waiting for the moment to prove themselves against tir1 teams. It's sad to know that when you achieve something, there are always people who are not happy about your success. I find it funny to comment on the pretense of looking at the radar, as I do not do it consciously, processing information from ts, as well as just thinking in clutch situations, probably, it sometimes prevents me, but there are many moments when it helps me. We have already asked the organizers to do a full check and are ready for full cooperation, as we have nothing to hide.
I would like to thank those who are on our side, because now there are more people who support us than haters who trash us, and it is always more noticeable than positive adequate comments.