FURIA are facing Liquid in the upper bracket finals at cs_summit 8

FURIA and Liquid were victorious in their starting matches of the cs_summit 8 playoffs. The Brazilians defeated Extra Salt 2-1, 16-13 on Nuke, 12-16 on Inferno, and 16-12 on Train, while Gabriel Toledo's squad has beaten paiN 16-7 on Nuke and 16-13 on Dust2.

"We don’t have a preference, but probably Liquid," Vinicius "⁠VINI⁠" Figueiredo said in the post-match interview. We’re used to winning against them."

On the night of May 29, FURIA and Liquid will meet in the upper bracket playoffs final to determine the first grand finalist.

Current playoffs bracket:

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