All teams for EPIC League Oceania 2021 are ready for the next stage

Teams ORDER, Dire Wolves, Rooster, Skyfire, VERTEX, Paradox, Bizarre complete the participants' list for the 2021 EPIC League Oceania Pacific RMR Tournament. They received a spot in the main part of the championship based on the results of the two open qualifiers.

The winners of the qualifiers have joined Renegades in the main stage, who had previously received a direct invite.

EPIC League Oceania 2021 participants:

  •  Renegades
  •  ORDER
  •  Dire Wolves
  •  Rooster
  •  Skyfire
  •  Paradox
  •  Bizarre

Major qualifiers in Oceania will be held from May 25 to 30. Eight teams will play in a Double Elimination playoff with BO3 matches and share of a $10,000 prize pool alongside RMR points.