lmbt encountered coaching bug once more

Ukrainian coach Sergey "lmbt" Bezhanov reported on his Twitter that he encountered a coaching mode bug, which has caused 37 coaches to be punished after abusing it. Soon after the scandalous investigation, Valve released several patches that were supposed to fix the vulnerability.

According to the published video, the coach's camera froze on the Mirage map during the official match between GORILLAZ, who are being coached by the author of the publication, and Budapest Five during the BLAST Rising 2021 tournament.

Recall that last September, 37 coaches have received a ban from the ESIC for coaching bug abuse for a period of 3.75 to 36 months. Later, Valve supported the sanctions by issuing bans for participation in the majors: 2 cases - 1 major, 3 cases - 2 majors, 4 cases - 3 majors, 5 cases - 5 majors, above six cases - indefinite ban.