Second round seed at EPIC League CIS 2021 revealed

The organizers of the RMR-tournament for the CIS EPIC League CIS 2021 announced the pairs of the second round of the group stage, which takes place on the Swiss system. The matches will take place from May 15 to 17.

Note that according to the results of the starting confrontations, the participants were spit into categories of winners and losers, in which they received their opponent as a result of the draw. Teams must win three times in five rounds to advance to the playoffs in the swiss format.

Second round pairs in the swiss group:

 K23 –  Marlian
 Akuma –  GROND
 IN.GAME –  bankaPEPSI
 1WIN –  100PG 
 NAVI –  Entropiq
 forZe –  Nemiga
 Team Spirit –  Gambit 
 Trident –

Current results of EPIC League CIS 2021 group stage