EPIC League CIS 2021: viewer's guide

EPIC League CIS 2021 will run online from May 12-30 and will be the first RMR tournament of the season for the CIS region. Sixteen teams will participate in the local event with a prize pool of $40,000 and 10,000 RMR points.

During the group stage, which will be held May 12-23, the participants will compete according to the Swiss system with matches played up to two victories. The top eight teams will qualify for the playoffs, where they will compete in Double Elimination BO3 on May 24-30.

The list of participants:

  •  Virtus.pro (SANJI, buster, Qikert, Jame, YEKINDAR)
  •  Team Spirit (chopper, mir, sdy, degster, magixx)
  •  NAVI (s1mple, electronic, Boombl4, Perfecto, B1T)
  •  Gambit (Hobbit, interz, Ax1Le, sh1ro, nafany)
  •  Trident (seized, clax, tricky, glowiing, Norwi)
  •  Entropiq (NickelBack, Krad, Lack1, El1an, Forester)
  •  forZe (almazer, FL1T, Jerry, zorte, KENSI)
  •  Nemiga (mds, Jyo, boX, lollipop21k, iDISBALANCE)
  •  Marlian (nat1ve, kr1vda, OWNER, Hkta, r1nkle)
  •  WaitForTag (Sergiz, Psycho, SENSEi, DemQQ, j3kie)
  •  100PG (w1nt3r, icem4N, smiley, dukefissura, sorrow)
  •  GROND (t0rick, faydett, SasukeQO, NMV, FpSSS)
  •  K23 (AdreN, mou, neaLaN, n0rb3r7, fame)
  •  1WIN (DavCost, propleh, Polt, TRAVIS, deko)
  •  bankaPEPSI (kalinka, xsepower, ProbLeM, JIaYm, lyNNN)
  •  IN.GAME (fabi, la3euka, L4F, Electro, Xant3r)

Seeding of the first round of the group stage:

 Team Spirit –  bankaPEPSI
 Nemiga –  1WIN
 Virtus.pro –  K23
 Entropiq –  100PG
 forZe –  IN.GAME
 Gambit –  WaitForTag
 Trident –  Marlian

Prize fund distribution:

1. $15 000 + 1600 RMR points
2. $10 000 + 1500 RMR points
3. $5 000 + 1400 RMR points
4. $3 000 + 1300 RMR points
5-6. По $2 000 + 1150 RMR points
7-8. По $1,5 000 + 950 RMR points

Full schedule, actual results, and live broadcast of EPIC League CIS 2021 matches are available on the tournament page on our website here.