Leetify: Denmark has the most CS:GO players per 1 million population

Analytical service Leetify have determined the number of CS:GO matchmaking players per 1 million population in most countries of the world. It turned out that the leader in this indicator is Denmark with 78.892 players for every million citizens.

According to statistics based on matchmaking, the total number of players is more than 7 million people, the top 3 countries in the ratio of CS:GO players to the total population also included Estonia (77,260) and Finland (76,873).

As for the CIS region, Russia has 21.760 players per 1 million inhabitants, in Belarus - 19,851, in Ukraine - 16,250, in Kazakhstan - 12,372.

Indicators per country

Previously, Leetify determined that Russia ranks first in the world in terms of the number of players in CS:GO matchmaking. The material is available on our website here.