forZe sweep off EPG to acquire Spring Sweet Spring #1 championship title

Russian team forZe won the starting tournament of the Spring Sweet Spring series. Andrey "Jerry" Mekhryakov's squad, the underdogs of this series, have defeated EPG Family 2-1 in the finals, 13-16 on Overpass, 16-10 on Mirage, and 16-14 on Dust2. EPG Family had an impressive 11 winstreak record to their name before this match started.

forZe's journey to Spring Sweet Spring #1 began from the second part of the group stage, where the MAD Lions, Copenhagen Flames and Apeks have been defeated. In the playoffs before the championship match, the team managed to defeat K23, Team Spirit and FURIA.

The final bracket of the Spring Sweet Spring #1 playoffs:

Spring Sweet Spring #1 took place from April 12 through May 5 with 44 teams participating. The total prize pool of the event was $100 000 and the winner earned a ticket to the LAN Sweet LAN with $250 000 prize pool, which is going to take place in February next year in Belgrade.