Viewer's could spectate each player individually at DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 playoffs

Viewers will be able to watch the game from each of the players' perspectives at DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 playoffs. This has been announced on the official website of the event.

Next to the main broadcast on, we have set up 10 extra Twitch channels for each player’s point-of-view during the playoffs this weekend. The main stream will feature everything you’re used to: your favorite talent, game commentary, top-notch observing, and amazing content.

Over on the POV-streams, it’s just you and your favorite player, watching the full match from their perspective, catching every kill, witnessing all the decision making and seeing all their nade line-ups. It’ll basically look like spectating another player in-game or when watching a CS:GO stream.

Since we are testing this additional feature, there won’t be any player cams enabled on the POV-Streams for this event, but it’s definitely one of the things we plan to implement if this feature is well received. Make sure to check out the FAQ below for more information and give the POV-Channels  a follow on Twitch so you don’t miss any of the action! We will make sure to keep this page updated so you know which channel will feature which player during the matches!

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 playoffs will take place May 7-9. The quarterfinals will be played between G2 - Astralis and FURIA - NAVI pairs, the winners of which will meet Gambit and Heroic respectively in the semifinals.