CIS derbies with NAVI participation had been the most popular matches at DH Masters Spring 2021 groups

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 groupstage matches with NAVI team gathered the largest number of viewers. According to Esports Charts analytics service, the meeting of "born to win" and Gambit was watched by 384.3 thousand people at peak, against - 238.7 thousand.

The top three most popular games also includes match FURIA against Vitality. The final of the lower bracket of Group B was watched by 207,100 spectators.

It is noteworthy that all the other matches of the group stage did not reach the 200,000 viewers mark. The average online broadcast of the tournament was 150.5 thousands.

Top 5 most viewed groupstage matches:

  1.  Gambit –  NAVI (384,374 viewers)
  2.  NAVI – (238,778 viewers)
  3.  FURIA –  Vitality (207,143 viewers)
  4.  Astralis –  Complexity (194,749 viewers)
  5.  Complexity –  FURIA (192,980 viewers)