OG & FunPlus Phoenix earned their spots at IEM Summer 2021

OG and FunPlus Phoenix are the first finalists of the IEM Summer 2021 European Qualifiers. They have defeated Movistar Riders and G2 in the decisive matches of the closed qualifiers round respectively.

The first two outsiders of the competition have been determined at the same time: FURIA and BIG have suffered their losses against FaZe and mousesports in the first round of the lower bracket. The four remaining contestants will continue their battle for the final slot today, April 28.

IEM Summer 2021 qualifiers results:

$250,000 prize pool IEM Summer 2021 will take place in early June with sixteen teams competing. Extra Salt, Imperial, Astralis, Complexity, Evil Geniuses, fnatic, NIP, Vitality, Gambit, Heroic Team Spirit and Virtus.pro are the directly invited teams.