Keyd has withdrawn from South American RMR event

Brazilian team Keyd has withdrawn from CBCS Elite League Season 1, which acts as the RMR tournament for South America, due to accusations of its 16-year-old player Kaike "kye" Bertolucci has received a VAC ban. This was reported on the organization's official Twitter account.

According to the published statement, the club's management has suspended the player from playing with the team and will conduct an internal investigation. The decision to leave the regional championship was taken as a sign of respect to the CBCS and Valve.

Keyd became the third member of the current CBCS Elite League Season 1 to be forced to withdraw due to a player's VAC ban. Previously, the Bears and DETONA were disqualified due to Valve's anti-cheat blocking detection on the accounts of Mateusz "cidZzZZ" Piber Phao and Kauez "kauez" Kaschuk, respectively.

The first South American RMR tournament of the season began on April 22. So far, Bravos and Sharks, each with three wins in a row, have secured a playoff spot.