SKADE & DBL PONEY are the final participants of Flashpoint 3 qualifiers

SKADE and DBL PONEY are the strongest participants of the last of four open qualifying rounds for the European RMR event Flashpoint 3, thus securing their participation in the closed stage of the qualifiers.

The Bulgarian team defeated GamerLegion in the first part of the Single Elimination Tournament on April 24-25, while the French team led by Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt has beaten their compatriots from LDLC.

Closed qualifiers for Flashpoint 3 are scheduled for April 27-30. The 16 participants, 8 of whom received direct invites, will compete in a Double Elimination bracket for five spots at the regional championships.

Closed qualifiers participate at Flashpoint 3:

  •  Dignitas
  •  Endpoint
  •  ENCE
  •  HAVU
  •  Sprout
  •  AGO
  •  Complexity
  •  mousesports
  •  Sangal
  •  Movistar Riders
  •  Tricked
  •  Lilmix
  •  Anonymo
  •  GameAgents
  •  SKADE

Recall that the next season of the Flashpoint league will be held May 10-30 and will act as the RMR tournament for Europe. The recipients of invitations from the organizers are Vitality, NIP, Heroic, BIG, Astralis, fnatic, G2, FunPlus Phoenix, OG, ex-North and FaZe.