DETONA withdraw from RMR event due to VAC of one of their players

 DETONA has withdrawn from further participation in the CBCS Elite League Season 1 South American RMR tournament after Kauez "kauez" Kaschuk was accused of having a VAC ban for using a skin changer. The Brazilian organization announced this on social media.

According to the published statement, DETONA will conduct an internal investigation into the incident with its player. The VAC ban on kauez's account was received before he signed a contract with the club and went unnoticed during the profile check.

In CBCS Elite League Season 1, the team has played only one match and defeated INTZ. The result was annulled and the defeated team scored a technical victory.

It should be noted that DETONA was the second South American participant in the current RMR Tournament to be disqualified due to the player's VAC ban.