fnatic add sixth player; Peppzor joined the lineup

fnatic has announced the addition of inexperienced player Peppe "Peppzor" Borak to their roster. The 18-year-old Swede joins the lineup as the sixth member of the roster.

“I am thrilled to have Peppe onboard on this project. He plays a rifle role, often as an anchor. He’s one of the best young talents in the game with tons of potential, ” CS:GO Head Coach Andreas Samuelsson

The official announcement does not highlight who the newcomer will be replacing. The team still has yet to find an effective way to utilize the expanded roster, but the risk is justified, the press release noted.

At the same time, fnatic confirmed that the team's primary sniper role has been transferred from Jesper "JW" Wecksell to Jack "Jackinho" Ström Mattsson, who was signed earlier this year. And the organization also announced its willingness to dilute the Swedish roster with players of other nationalities, if it would help the team to make a comeback to the top of the world rankings.

The next upcoming tournament for fnatic is Flashpoint 3, which will take place May 10-30.

Origin: fnatic.com