WIP Tuscan is temporarily available on Mapcore's Faceit HUB

A preview version of the Tuscan map from the Steam Workshop will be available on the FACEIT competitive servers from April 21 to 25. This became known after the official announcement by community hub Mapcore has been. 100 thousand points FACEIT points will be played out on the platform during this time.

The Mapcore community encourages the creation and testing of new locations - in 2019 you could try out the updated Cache on the hub servers, and in 2017 Mapcore organized a competition to create the best map with the total reward of $10,000 for every competitor.

On April 11, on the eve of the ESL Pro League Season 13 Grand Final, a showmatch on the current version of Tuscan took place, with professional players participating. On April 19, an introductory remake of the location became available to everyone in the Steam workshop.

Origin: www.faceit.com