G2 returned to top 10 of HLTV.org rankings

G2 lineup has been ranked eighth in the updated ranking of the best teams in the world according to HLTV.org. Thanks to the victory in the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 qualification tournament, Nemanja "nexa" Isakovic's squad has added five positions and returned to the top 10, which it left at the beginning of March.

Complexity has also improved its position in the top ten, moving Team Spirit from ninth place. The European team is only 28 points ahead of the CIS representative.

SKADE and SAW showed the greatest progress in the ranking during the week. MIBR left the number of participants in the published list.

HLTV.org rating is updated weekly and primarily takes into account the results of the last two months. Teams' achievements over the past year are also included, with the number of points for past successes decreasing each month.