Sangal & Movistar Riders advance to the closed qualifiers at Flashpoint 3

Sangal and Movistar Riders are the strongest competitors in the first of four open qualifiers for the European RMR Tournament Flashpoint 3, thus ensuring their participation in the closed stage of the qualifying round. The Turkish team was given a technical victory due to SKADE's withdrawal from further participation in the decisive match, and Lucas "steel" Lopez's team has outplayed Copenhagen Flames.

The event was held in Single Elimination format from April 13 to 15. The matches up to the quarter-finals were played on a map, while the final matches were played in a BO3 format

The results of the first open qualification, starting with the 1/32 finals

Closed qualifying round for Flashpoint 3 is scheduled for April 27-30. The 16 participants, 8 of whom will receive direct invites, will fight in a Double Elimination bracket for five trips to the regional championships.

Recall that the next season of the Flashpoint League will be held May 10-30 and will act as a RMR tournament for Europe. The invited teams for the event are Vitality, NIP, Heroic, BIG, Astralis, fnatic, G2, FunPlus Phoenix, OG, ex-North and FaZe.