Boombl4: "we have problems on the attack side on some maps"

NAVI's in-game leader Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov took part in the fan Q&A session in a video for the club's YouTube channel. In particular, the Russian player talked about why the team was having trouble recruiting rounds for the attacking side in ESL Pro League Season 13.

If you take ESL Pro League Season 13 separately, we were testing electronic as an in-game leader on some maps. On Mirage we really underperformed, but I wouldn't say it was Denis' fiasco, but more team errors. Even some of the actions that we were able to do after the discussion, we did not do them clearly, forgetting micro details. And for Denis as an in-game leader it was his first experience.

We see perfectly well that we have problems on the attack side on some maps. Of course we work on that. And it's stupid not to work on those things, because we're a tier-1 team that wants to win tournaments and be the best. I think it's a rhetorical question for us whether or not we're working on it.

As a reminder, in EPL S13, the NAVI squad finished third in its group before losing to Complexity in the first game of the playoff stage. The next tournament featuring Born to Win will be DreamHack Masters Spring 2021, which starts at the end of April.