Movistar Riders & K23 made it to the closed qualifiers to IEM Summer 2021

Movistar Riders and K23 the strongest competitors in the first of two open qualifiers for IEM Summer 2021 and will play in the next stage of the qualifiers. The finalists defeated Nordavind and MASONIC respectively in the final matches.

The competition was held in Single Elimination format from April 8 to 9. Meetings up to 1/4 finals were played on a single map, while the final matches were played in a series of up to three victories.

Qualifiers results starting from 1/32

Closed qualifiers for IEM Summer 2021 is scheduled for April 26-28. Twelve participants, eight of whom will receive direct invites, will fight in the Double Elimination bracket for the only spot at the championship.

Recall that the next Intel Extreme Masters series tournament will be held June 3-13 in a European city. Sixteen teams, including Extra Salt and Imperial, will be competing for the $250,000 prize pool.