mouz clinch Snow Sweet Snow #3 championship in overtimes against ex-Winstrike

Team mousesports won the third Snow Sweet Snow tournament. Christopher "dexter" Nong's team has managed to cope with ex-Winstrike on two maps in overtimes: 25-22 at Nuke and 19-17 at Dust2.

The "mice" squad started off the quarterfinals as a guest competitor and have beaten SKADE and fnatic en route to the deciding match. The team received $40,000 from the tournament prize pool alongside the championship title. The most disappointing fact about the event is runner-ups receiving only $4,000 for their efforts, while SKADE & Wisla, who stopped their tournament run on 5-8 places, earned $7,000 each. But the CIS lineup has no time to grieve as a lot of events approaching - European Development Season 3 and Funspark ULTI Europe Regional Series 1 will definitely overtake their attention, as well as their ESEA Premier quarter-final match against AGO also on the horizon.

The final Snow Sweet Snow #3 playoff bracket:

Recall that Snow Sweet Snow #3 took place from March 15 through April 7, featuring 44 teams. The total prize pool of the event is $100,000.